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Data Logger Kit for Wind Monitoring on Tower Cranes, Construction and Events by WINDCRANE

Please check the lead times below at overview information

This product will be despatched within 5-10 working days

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  • WINDCRANE Mini is a small, compact and tough wind monitoring system for outdoor and construction. Supplied with anemometer, power supply, heavy duty 40m cable and optional LCD display, situated inside the cabin.


    Dispute free for weather claims in construction
    Detailed site specific current wind speed, shared in real time with your staff and customers.
    Wind data is available via the Windcrane app or accessed (for full detailed data) via our cloud platform
    Multiple users access
    Data refreshed every 10 minutes showing max and average values
    Daily and Historical wind reporting for downtime proofs
    Customisable amber and red wind alert thresholds for safety notifications
    Safety wind alerts to your mobile
    24/7 remote access to wind data with cloud backup
    Technical support via phone, email or WhatsApp
    The 1st year wind data service subscription is included   
  • Enclosure/Mechanical Compact weatherproof case (IP67 rated) with loops for mounting straps or lanyards M12 connector pigtail for sensor

    Dimensions and weight: 220 x 130 x 65 mm (LxWxH incl cable glands) 0.9 0.9 kg approx (incl mains AC PSU)

    Mounting 2no heavy-duty straps through enclosure loops (110W x 115H mm centres)

    Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C

    Power Pre-wired inline mains power supply for 100-240VAC, 10W max consumption, with 3m cable and 230V plug

    Sensor Options 1x wind speed anemometer (pulse/switch).

    Data Connectivity Built-in cellular connectivity with internal antenna and worldwide coverage Data automatically transmitted to WINDCRANE web portal and app

    Accessories/Options Live data in-cab display module - second-by-second wind speed Pre-wired to logger enclosure on 5m cable

  • Download WINDCRANE Iot Wind Data Service

    Download WINDCRANE Mini Tech Spec

    Download WINDCRANE Mini Install Guide

    Or you can find more information at its dedicated website www.windcrane.com

  • Suitable for any tower crane, construction site or outdoor application providing highly accurate and reliable real-time wind monitoring.

    Tower cranes are a common fixture at any major construction site. All tower cranes should be fitted with a wind speed anemometer system to ensure safer work operations and assist with weather disputes using accurate crane height wind speed data.

    For more info on Tower Cranes monitoring, please visit our page company website.

    Outdoor Events Monitoring System

    For more info on Outdoor Events wind monitoring, please visit our page company website.

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